Large sunsail rollup systems let arise new habitats 
around the house and turn an everyday in lifestyle.

Providing areas with shade – stylishly and with the perfect touch – is a true art. We here at SOLIDAY create precisely the type of sun protection you have been dreaming of, transforming daily living into a wonderful lifestyle. How does that work? SOLIDAY – the sunsail – is an ingenious combination of technology and design; with technical know-how, innovation and purist form joining in perfect symbiosis. The true art of shadow, then, isn’t just in the size of the weather- or sun protection, but also in each individual detail that goes into its execution. The patented technology, the quality of materials as well as the selection of the right sail fabric and cut also play an important role in ensuring that the SOLIDAY system doesn’t just meet your personal expectations, but it also matches the unique individuality of your architecture.

Sunsails: part of a whole – artfully integrated.


  • individually adapted to the local conditions

  • up to 85 sqm sail size

  • sun and rain protection* in one

  • price per sqm shade cheaper than for awnings

  • more safety thanks to patented pylon technology

* nur in Verbindung mit der patentierten Pylontechnik, dem Stoff Austrosail Nano
  und einer Segelneigung von mindestens 10 – 15°.