Laser Cutting

The ultra-modern laser technology used in cutting the
sail fabric guarantees edges that are perfectly sealed –
which in turn insures that, even under the most extreme
stress, the edges of the sail fabric will not fray.

fabric reinforcement

4-ply fabric reinforcement of sail corners guarantees the
greatest possible reliability, even under stresses created by
winds and stormy weather that far exceed normal limits.

Robust reinforcement plates

Robust reinforcement plates made of aluminium with stainless
steel eyelets guarantee optimal force distribution and a
perfectly extended sail fabric.

welding technology

Austrosail NANO and Austrosail Acryl sail fabrics
are welded using state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology.
This guarantees a perfect, crease-free product
and waterproof seams.

Highly durable flat-felled seams

Austrosail sail fabrics are sewn with high-strength
flat-felled seams. In this kind of stitching, the fabric
is gathered in twice by the stitches, assuring that,
even when subject to extreme stresses, top
performance and durability are guaranteed.