Providing areas with shade – stylishly and with the perfect touch – is a true art. We here at SOLIDAY create precisely the 
type of sun protection you have been dreaming of, transforming daily living into a wonderful lifestyle. How does that work? 
SOLIDAY – the sunsail – is an ingenious combination of technology and design; with technical know-how, innovation and purist 
form joining in perfect symbiosis. The true art of shadow, then, isn’t just in the size of the weather- or sun protection, but also in 
each individual detail that goes into its execution. The patented technology, the quality of materials as well as the selection of 
the right sail fabric and cut also play an important role in ensuring that the SOLIDAY system doesn’t just meet your personal 
expectations, but it also matches the unique individuality of your architecture.

Sunsails: part of a whole – artfully integrated.


SOLIDAY turns bright ideas into as much as 85 square 
meters of spacious outdoor living! It’s time make your biggest
dreams a reality: how about a new dining and grill area with
lounge, or a spa and relaxation area with a sun canopy?
Perhaps accompanied by a hot tub, or an area just for your
children protected from the sun? There are essentially no
limits to what your imagination can do.

Traditional shade systems such as awnings only provide shade
that covers between 10 – 18 square metres. With a SOLIDAY
sunsail, in contrast, you are able to expand your living area 
by adding as much as 85 sqm of outdoor space.

The art of

A sunsail from 0 to 85 sqm, either manually or at the touch of a
button: rolling up the sail couldn’t be any easier. And adjusting
the height is far from being an art anymore, since the shade
created by every SOLIDAY system can be individually adapted
to the angle of the sun. This is especially effective in the late
afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon, but it is also an
outstanding way to cope with changes in visibility and weather!

Continuously adjustable 
shade from 0 to 85 sqm

Using our patented SOLIDAY-shaft, the sunsail can be rolled 
out or in, either fully automatically or manually. This allows 
for custom control of the amount of shade provided.

Comparison between systems WITH 
and WITHOUT height adjustment

As you can clearly see in the animation, with SOLIDAY height adjustment 
you can enjoy shade significantly longer than you would with solutions 
from other manufacturers.

All-in-one protection 
from sun and rain

By means of a combination of high-quality sail fabric 
(Austrosail Nano) and patented spring-loaded pylons, 
SOLIDAY-C and -CS systems also provide outstanding 
protection against the rain! Which means, bad weather 
simply isn’t an issue for “sun-sailers” anymore!

The art of SAFETY

Wind, storm, heavy rain – SOLIDAY products are able to 
cope with these enormous forces. In developing the patented
sunsail systems by SOLIDAY, emphasis was placed on 
state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and safety.

Intelligent pylon technology makes it possible!

The pylons are the foundation of the innovative tension technology
and the resultant flexibility of the sunsails. An integrated cable
storage drum applies constant tension on the sunsail, but also
releases to allow additional slack whenever wind speeds exceed
the prescribed limit of 40 km/h. As soon as the wind drops, tension
is automatically reapplied to the sunsail to make it taut once more.

See for yourself! 
A Soliday-C system under 
extreme weather conditions

The art of DESIGN

Functional product design and innovation go together like 
light & shade here at SOLIDAY. Which is why, during the
development process, we focus so intensely on the design 
and quality of all the materials we use.

Less is more!

The art of being beautiful lies in minimalism. 
Clear lines and forms underscore modern architecture 
and spatial concepts. And in combination with practical 
design, they represent a unique option for creating large 
areas of shade. New technologies open whole 
new horizons.

Radial Form

Sails manufactured in radial form are created from fabric
lengths assembled in the shape of a fan, joined together
using an ultrasonic welding process to create a waterproof
seam. In taking this design approach, SOLIDAY was
consciously inspired by the sport of sailing – for a 
sensation just like a day on the ocean.

Radial sail fabric: Austrosail Nano (Soliday A/C/CS)