convenient, fast and safe

With its NEW Snap-System, SOLIDAY offers an ingenious yet simple concept for the set-up 
and quick take-down of permanently installed sunsails. So, why Snap-System? The problem 
is always the same. Thunder squalls with gusts as high as 100 km/h and strong winds are 
almost impossible for the anchor points of most sunsails to withstand. And if a sail is set up 
to deal with forces such as these, the aesthetics often suffer as a result: pylons with an 
extra-wide diameter or secured by means of wire cables, all of which also add to the risk 
of stumbling, are the consequence. So that’s why, here at SOLIDAY, we have come up with 
a way to make the operation and set-up of sunsails easy. The new SOLIDAY Snap-System 
incorporates a crank handle allowing you to erect the sunsail quickly - as simple as opening 
up a sun umbrella – as well as put it back down again in just 60 seconds!


Yet another advantage of the SOLIDAY Snap System is its flexibility. It can be mounted on pylons (droppole, stainless steel and aluminium masts) as well as walls etc. And without any elaborate effort.


as many anchor points as you wish

A removable winch means you only need one winch per sunsail system. At all the other anchor points, it suffices to have a base plate installed with a fallstop clamp (for wall mounts, an additional stainless steel plate is also necessary). The winch is made from high-quality stainless steel, making it possible to attain professional-grade tension in the sail.