Custom height adjustment

Clever details make all the difference. With the patented SOLIDAY height adjustment feature, the angle of the 
sunsail can be individually adjusted to the height of the sun, thus determining the position of the shade. 
Especially important in late afternoon when the sun is lower on the horizon.

To see the benefits of SOLIDAY height adjustment, simply scroll further down the screen.
(The visuals show height adjustments with a SOLIDAY-C system)

Comparison between systems WITH 
and WITHOUT height adjustment

As you can clearly see in the animation, with SOLIDAY height adjustment 
you can enjoy shade significantly longer than you would with solutions 
from other manufacturers.

Also an outstanding method 
of privacy and glare protection

The patented SOLIDAY height-adjustment feature means the sunsail 
doesn’t only protect you from harmful UV radiation, it also shields you 
from unwanted glances into your private sphere.