Masts made of stainless 
steel or ultra-sturdy anodized

Timelessly stylish and beautiful. The Soliday pylon captivates 
with its understated, slim-line design. It is distinguished by
robustness and high strength of materials. Similar to masts 
used by windsurfers, the SOLIDAY pylon will automatically 
return to its straight original state, even when subject to high
stresses. Always beautiful in form, robust in the face of environmental influences (chlorine from swimming pools, 
saltwater etc.), and couldn’t be easier to care for.


The flexible SOLIDAY telescopic pylon is a clever 
entry-level pylon concept with integrated height 
adjustment. It has a packing length of 2 m and 
is extendable to a height of 3.5 m meters.

Ground plate for telescopic-masts

  • made of steel
  • galvanized and powder-coated
  • mounts on existing foundations and flooring

Wall mounts

  • made of stainless steel
  • for attaching to walls

Screw-in base

Simple, fast, clean and removable bases for Soliday pylons.
Screw-in bases require appropriate ground conditions. 
For detailed information, please contact your local Soliday
professional, who will be more than happy to provide you 
with expert advice and assistance.

Ground Sockets

Robust ground sockets made of aluminium incl. ground anchors,
intended to be cemented into a concrete foundation. 
Use: with stainless steel and aluminium masts

Ground Plates

For installations on existing foundations and flooring. 
Use: with the Soliday-Droppole, stainless steel & 
aluminium masts.


The BaseCube is a cube used as a base for pylons, 
when existing conditions do not allow for any other type 
of foundation. It is positioned on an open area, and filled 
with ballast weighing as much as 900 kg. The outer 
cladding of the BaseCube can be tailored to your 
personal wishes.

Wall Mounts

Used to secure Soliday pylons to walls. 
Use: Soliday-Droppole, stainless steel & aluminium masts

Anchor Plates

Made of high-quality stainless steel for anchoring 
sunsails to walls.