A stylish and cost-effective, manually operated solution for shading large and small areas. The Soliday Raff-M establishes completely new options for shading in pergolas, winter gardens, under glass roofs and especially in the outdoor area.

NEW - now also available in rainproof versions!

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Rail guide
High stability, smooth handling
and high-quality materials
characterize this system.



Wire rope guide
The system, which is guided on a 3 mm wire rope,
impresses with its high flexibility,
and can be mounted
literally anywhere.



Rain protection
The optional kind of Raincut manufacturing
can also make a perfect rain cover
out of the sunscreen.
Rainwater is diverted to
one side like a gutter.



Large areas
With the SOLIDAY RAFF-M you can
shade up to 36 m2 of space
per installation - and that at
prices that are affordable.




The fully automatically ruffable sun sail with that certain something for sunny hours in the open air, which transforms every pergola in the blink of an eye into a protected wellness oasis. The SOLIDAY RAFF-C can be opened and closed like the top of a convertible - to your heart's content: sun or shade. Now NEW - also available for rainy hours.

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Rail guide
High-quality aluminum profiles, newly developed
sliding rollers, stainless steel carabiners and
new cloth profile holders ensure a
high-quality system with high
stability and longevity.



Fully automatic
The SOLIDAY RAFF-C can be conveniently
controlled by radio via a motor and
the shade can be adjusted continuously
from 0 - 60 m2.



Rain protection
Thanks to the optional Raincut version,
the sunscreen also provides
perfect rain protection - the rainwater
is thereby discharged on one side of the system
in a controlled manner.



Large areas
With the SOLIDAY RAFF-C you can
shade a space of up to 60 m2
per installation - and that
at fair prices.




How much shade do I need? How does the shade on my terrace actually proceed? Which seating and lounge areas are shaded at which times of the day? How does the shade behave when the sun sail is adjusted in height? Which sun sail color fits my house? These and many other questions you can now easily and conveniently answer for yourself - with the new Soliday planning app.

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Our new SOLIDAY APP makes it easy to find the quickest way to
a SOLIDAY retail partner in your area.